What Services are provided by the Marshall Defense Law Firm?

A law firm is sought under severe charges or in cases of gruesome crimes. In such circumstances, it is crucial to have a legal representative who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling sensitive matters with proactiveness, alertness, and tenderness. Marshall Defense Law Firm is one such name that has made its standing in legal proceedings. The expertise and experience honed since 1997 have made them an unbeatable name.

Services offered by the law firm

Over the years, the Law firm has garnered a reputation for handling sensitive crimes and charges like sex assaults, rape charges, and domestic violence cases.

Defending against rape charges

When someone is accused of rape, it might feel as if their life has come to a halt—and that it may never resume. Any significant felony charge carries the risk of a lengthy jail sentence. This allegation is also quite damaging to a person’s reputation. There might be a lot of shame attached to it, as well as a loss of liberty.

To defend against a rape charge, the law firm uses a professional approach to protecting against any particular assault crime. It starts with taking the time to listen to the client, getting to know them, and establishing an understanding and trust between the attorney-client relationship.

A criminal defendant is often not needed to prove anything under the law. The burden of proof is mainly on the prosecution. However, the law firm knows how difficult it is for jurors to observe that guideline.

Sex crimes against Children

Since 1997, the Firm has concentrated on defending persons accused of special assault, which includes sexual assault, rape, child rape or sexual abuse/molestation, attack of a child, and domestic violence. No other law company is known to have the same level of experience defending people accused of these types of offenses as the law firm.

They typically assist people accused of child abuse and other types of unique assault in the following ways:

The law firm represents them in the investigation and preparation of their cases, in negotiations, in dealing with licensing boards or the media, anywhere the accused requires the skill and passion.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a word used to refer to a wide range of offenses. It can be a civil as well as a criminal matter. Domestic violence can also be a label applied to a distinct charged offense, increasing the severity of the underlying crime’s punishment. However, the implications of being charged with domestic violence can affect many aspects of life, regardless of how it is utilized.

Although being charged with domestic abuse might be intimidating, there are defenses available, and the Marshall Defense Law Firm assists their client in finding them.


If one has been a victim of any crime like sexual assault, falsely charged for rape, or domestic violence victim, do not delay and seek a consultation from the Marshall Defense Law Firm to know the next steps of action.

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