What Hair Salon Equipment Should You Buy To Open Your Salon?

Your hair salon equipment is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. When it comes to furniture, you should opt for quality pieces that will last a long time and are comfortable for customers, and won’t quickly deteriorate. Let’s start with a list of the necessary furniture for your center:

Counter: In this case, we recommend that you buy it from a contract furniture distributor (for commercial premises) or that you order it from a carpenter so that it can be adapted to the space you have available at reception. Usually, the counters are made of varnished, lacquered, or laminated wood. Some of them are even upholstered, with methacrylate or resin appliqués, or illuminated with LED light strips, giving it a very modern and sophisticated touch. It would help if you took care of this furniture, because, after all, this is the first one that customers will see when they enter your living room.

Chairs: Everything will depend on the hair, makeup, and nail positions you want to put. You can use hairdresser’s chairs for the stalls, more comfortable and with a swivel base, and other simpler ones made of wood or metal for the nail bar. Also, for the wash area, you should look for some armchairs and others for the pedicure area, accompanied by footrests and some stools.

Tables: In your beauty salon, you will need different types of tables, from the coffee table for the waiting room to the desk type tables for the nail bar.

Mirrors: Mirrors will also be located in different areas. First of all, you will have to place some vanity mirrors with bulbs or LED lights for the posts, accompanied by a small shelf, console, or cabinet with drawers. Then, at reception, you should place a full-length mirror so that they can be seen before leaving and even place several, covering the pillars.

Sofas and armchairs for your waiting room: Your reception and waiting room should follow an aesthetic and welcoming. Therefore, you should use comfortable and beautiful furniture that invites you to sit down and wait for your turn while having tea and reading a magazine.

Trolleys for accessories: The trolleys will serve you both for hairdressing tools and makeup, manicure, and pedicure. You can fill one for each activity to have the raw materials at hand and transport them from one part of the salon to another if you need to.

Stretchers: These are some of the essential pieces of a beauty salon. You should have one stretcher per cabin and at least one folding spare if one of the two is damaged. Try to take the new and high quality not to hook, limp, or peel the covering. Even if you always cover them with a bedspread or disposable paper, look for ones with resistant and easy-to-clean upholstery.

Closets: The storage areas should be diverse so that you can intersperse cabinets with shelves. For example, in the cabin and the wash area, the cupboards are indispensable because you will keep the materials and products for internal consumption for each beauty treatment in them.

Shelves and display cabinets: Shelves and display cabinets are the perfect furniture to display and present your beauty products for sale, from shampoos, conditioners, and serums, to facial creams or body lotions, makeup accessories, and even nail polish. The shelves are perfect for displaying products online, while the showcases are ideal for smaller pieces or exclusive product lines you want to promote.

LED Lighting Fixtures with Magnifying Glass: These floor or table lamps, with adjustable arms, are perfect for working on the customer’s skin or nails because they perfectly illuminate the area, eliminating shadows. With the magnifying glass, you will visualize every detail and take care of your manicures or makeup.

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