Tips for Maximizing Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

Accidents come entirely unforeseen, and their occurrence causes a lot of loss and havoc to the injured party. Insurance companies began operations to help you secure against the possible accidents exposed to our various activities and tasks. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes a tall order to get the rightful compensation from the insurance companies when you encounter an accident you insured. Jones Jones LLC provides comprehensive and legal strategies that support client goals and enable you to get the necessary compensation for the insured loss encountered. A reasonable insurance attorney allows you to win the insurance claim and reinstate your initial condition before the loss occurs. There are several personal injuries that attorneys can help you get compensation for, and they include:

Workers compensation

Accidents at work become inevitable at times due to the exposure to various machines and chemicals at work. Companies have their workers insured to enable their employees to get the best medical care whenever an accident occurs. Jones & Jones Law Firm has lawyers well equipped with a combination of time-honored methodologies and constantly updating strategies to meet their continually changing legal landscape. Workers’ compensation requires that the lawyers become responsive to your needs and break down the objectives to enable you to get informed at every step.

No-Fault defense

No fault-law comes very complexly, and its interpretation and application constantly change hence the need to involve the rightful attorneys. The knowledge of the law and regulations greatly determines the difference between the success and failure of the Jones & Jones Law Firm case. The case requires formidable skills to obtain the best possible outcome, protecting all interests and mitigating potential exposure. Regardless of whether it means negotiating a favorable settlement or aggressively litigating the claim through motion practice, trial or appeal to ensure that you get the proper compensation.


Subrogation cases require the formulation of creative solutions to maximize your recoveries while mitigating your exposure. The full-service third-party subrogation provided by the Jones & Jones Law Firm program goes beyond collecting a lien and asserting a credit. A subrogation expert that’s well versed in the nuances of the statutes, regulations, and current case law can find opportunities for recovery that aren’t obvious. Some of the possible options involve exercising your right to assert a direct third-party action when a claimant fails to do so or arguing the first impression on subrogation issues before the appellate courts.

Loss transfer

Loss transfer involves several tasks, including case review, arbitration hearing appearances, and reporting to clients to ensure the best possible results. When it all gets done well, you get the best result at a minimal cost owed to the comprehensive service package for Jones & Jones Law Firm loss transfer and recovery programs.  The service package involves incredibly effective tools for you to mitigate losses and maximize recoveries for eligible payments. In addition, the toll is two-tiered, combining attorney oversight and experienced paralegal staff to minimize the cost for the whole process.

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