Things to Keep in Mind to Optimize your Electronic Product Packaging Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of consumers are shopping online more than ever. For companies that produce electronic products, online business has increased significantly. Plus, many people are working from home instead of going to an office. Because of this, work from home stations has been made complete with the needed technology. From tablets to computers, smartphones, headsets, and more, the electronic consumables train continues to run. If you own an electronics company, you need to ensure to meet the increasing demand for your products and deliver your products in one piece to customers. Thus, you need to invest in cost-effective and efficient packaging.

When packaging your products, here are some important considerations:

Your Products are Fragile and Require Extra Protection

When shipping electronic products, one of the challenges your business may face can take place during packaging. Improper and insufficient product packaging can cause product breakages. When your product leaves your warehouse, its real journey starts. An extra hard toss onto the delivery truck can impact a microchip and damage the entire product.  When your customer receives a broken product, your business will always absorb the cost. Plus, an unsatisfied customer can cost you more than just the product. In fact, it can mean messed up business opportunities. That is why you must use secure packaging for all your electronics. Check out for your options.

Choose the Right Packaging Solution

The best packaging manufacturer can provide premium packaging solutions for all sized electronics. Bubble mailers are ideal for smaller goods to keep them safe. They come with a bubble-wrap interior to pad the electronics from damage. In addition, they are compact, which lowers shipping costs. But, if you are shipping a bigger item, use cardboard boxes to make sure the products arrive in one piece and without any damage. Your packaging partner should be able to offer protective packaging equipment for sensitive items such as electronics including a selection of inflatable air pillow systems, paper void fill dispensers, and others. They have bubble wrap packaging machines that work on electronics of all sizes.

Ship from Store

You can keep the shipping costs down by shipping from your store. This eliminates the need to work with a fulfillment center. Also, you can provide your customers with the option to pick up their items from your store or from the curbside. This will save you on both the distribution and shipping costs.

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