The Most Epic Moving Guide

Creating a moving guide when you are getting ready to move will be the smartest and best things that could be done.

Everyone knows that moving is very stressful and worrisome, and most of all it can make you very tired. There is just so much work to do, Most of the time when you are packing your house and it begins to get loaded for transport when you realize how much stuff you have.

There are a lot of pointers that we can discuss and go over that will help you with all of the issues regarding moving.


One of the first steps that you will need to be is to get a 3-ring binder because you will need this for the entire move and after you move. This binder will help you keep track of all of the important documents and paperwork regarding all of the expenses that you obtain during this whole process and after.

So within this folder, you will be able to see receipts, places you need to make payments to and who you made payments to, and also if you had to get a storage unit address and items that were placed there.


When packing your house you want to make sure that you declutter everything first so that way the moving process will be a lot easier for the movers and or yourself. This will also allow everything to be packed in a very reasonable amount of time on moving day.


If you are moving locally, then there will be things that you mostly will be able to take to your new residence probably without having to hire a moving company to do this for you even if it takes a lot of trips back and forth from your old resident to your soon to be new one. The problem most people have is all of the heavy items.

Now if you are moving long-distance everything will be packed in a moving truck or a freight liner, so as long as you hire a moving company. You will not have to worry about all of these heavier items such as dressers and tables and even in most cases appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.


Make sure that when you are moving that the day that you decide to leave the residence that all of the bills are fully paid and closed out unless you have transferred them to your new residence.

You don’t want to leave the old residence with electricity or water that is still connected in your name. This comes into play with the organization.


One thing that you need to do before moving out of an old home is making sure that you have cleaned the residence before leaving. Whether you have sold the house or if you are renting it out.

There are two different ways you can do this, either you can hire a cleaning company to clean the house after you leave that way you are non longer there or you will be able to clean the house yourself to save money.


There is no rush when it comes to moving, especially if you are on track and got on the ball early one-two months before your moving day with organization and planning. Take your time and everything will go very smoothly, for a very nice move.

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