The Benefits and Need for an Anonymous LLC

These are limited liability companies whose members are undisclosed business owners and are not necessarily required to reveal their identity. This is possible when a business owner creates an LLC through a law firm that acts as an LLC registered agent and organizer, which leverages client-attorney privilege to protect the identities of business owners.

The first law firm offered the first anonymous LLC services to the public by avoiding ownership disclosure to the public where the LLC was registered. It is implemented by posing the firm as the registered agent and organizer for the LLC and utilizing its law firm status to express confidentiality and attorney-client privileges. An LLC registration can be achieved in Nevada, New Mexico, Delaware, and Wyoming.

Why Form Anonymous LLC

It provides benefits much similar to those regular LLC would offer and add the service of confidentiality. For small businesses, an LLC is perfect and is considered most important by many people are because:

  • They have limited protection for liability.

It helps protect members from mixing personal liability with business activities.

  • Tax advantages.

It gives better tax offers compared to sole ownership.

  • Flexibility.

It allows you to have partners from different, vividly defined levels. More so, they help you isolate important assets, vesting you the power to change asset ownership. As a result, it is possible to sell or put all together such assets more quickly than when all your purchases were all as one.

  • Survivability.

In a situation where you might be incapacitated or deceased, it is the only way to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your business and provides it lives on to benefit your business or family.

Benefits of Anonymous LLC

  • Attorney and Client privilege. This helps hide information not intended for the public in a legal setting.
  • Attorney and Client confidentiality. Communication is not disclosed and is confidential.
  • Protection of Privacy. Information of the actual owners is kept hidden from the public.
  • Harassment prevention. The public can’t look up information on Anonymous LLCs; hence, the people can’t harass owners due to business and other issues.
  • Business deals disguised as Anonymous LLC help preserve confidentiality.

Starting Anonymous LLC, you need:

  • Consult your residence area attorney and tax experts to ensure everything is set up to fulfill your needs.
  • Name of your Company.
  • A physical mailing address. The standard mail options are a Virtual Mailbox Service and a UPS box for midget businesses.


As you file anonymous LLC articles of an organization with a state, you provide the temporary owner’s name or the organizer’s name. Once you form your company, you no longer have to update the information when the organizer or nominee changes it later. Once an anonymous LLC is created, the organizer resigns, and the actual owner gets appointed.

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