The Advantages of Virtual Mailbox Services

A notable development in postal mail is virtual mail box. It basically means you can post your mail via the internet. You require a real mailing address for your mail to be scanned and sent to the respective destination. The user can view their mails on a personal computer or a smart device.

The Common Desk Virtual Offices and Mailboxes

Virtual Mailbox is convenient if you’re a frequent traveller or a business person who runs round the clock. Users choose a subscription plan, and the postal service does the rest. They send you your login details, keep you updated, and manage your mail efficiently. Flexible and efficient virtual mail services help companies upgrade their business addresses through very desirable locations.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime offers subscribed customers a digital mailbox within a few minutes. It allows customers to view and manage their mail on any device. It also enables scanning images or text as required by the customer.

Anytime to date is available in more than fifty locations in the world.

Earth Class Mail

This Virtual Mailbox provider allows customers to upload their mail to cloud storage. Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box are mainly used to store mail.

A distinguishing feature made possible by this provider is the ability to scan and deposit checks. Softwares like Xero and QuickBooks Online help to ease the accounting process.


This mailbox uses a mobile application to manage mail. Customers can receive their mail via DHL, FedEx, and UPS in case of emergencies. With iPostal1, you can manage your mail twenty hours a day with any smart device. The mailbox also comes with unlimited storage for adding addresses.


PO BOX Zone enables its users to get their address for receiving mail in the US. It works as you requested of either shredding online mail or forwarding it. It also supports cloud storage and can accept any mail on the user’s behalf. This digital mailbox is available only in Nevada and Wyoming.


PostNet enables tracking of your mail and packages from any smartphone or computer. It also allows you to review mail and forward it to any physical address. The user can discard unnecessary mails at their convenience.


eSnail provides a feature that supports both package and mail forwarding to different locations at one go. It manages its mail using the eLetter interface.

It also has its esnail digital mailbox for forwarding cheques. esnail securely discards your old mails without invading privacy.


Digital mailbox is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Apart from benefiting travellers and business persons, it can be used by any subscriber at a nominal fee.

Some of the main reasons why virtual mailbox is efficient:

  • Mail and shipping prices are significantly lower than conventional postal mail service
  • Digital mailbox offers thirty days of free physical storage to its customers. It also keeps a copy of your mail ready whenever needed
  • Mail is handled and secured with caution before being forwarded or discarded
  • Customers’ personal information is also secured. It can only be accessed by the owner of the account alone
  • Digital mailbox puts an end to junk mail through smart filters.
  • Most of the services providers are available in more than fifty locations.

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