Learn The Basics About Tree Transplanting Services

There are varied reasons to remove and relocate large trees from one property or city to another. For many property owners, trees within their yard are associated with memories, and they don’t want to let go of something that has been a part of their life for years. On the other hand, many homeowners have certain landscaping ideas in mind, for which removal and relocation of some large trees to their new property may make sense. Tree moving is, of course, great for the environment, because it takes years for a sapling to grow into a mature tree. With deforestation being on the rise, it’s great to have the choice of transplanting trees.

In this post, we are discussing more on tree transplanting services, how to find one, and other things that matter.

Why transplant large trees?

If you look at the task from an economic perspective only, having large trees on your property enhances the aesthetic appeal and will eventually help in getting a fair selling price in the future. Companies like EDI tree transplanting can help in removing and transplanting all kinds of large trees, and the whole process can be customized as per your requirements and needs of your landscaping project. For instance, if your current property isn’t ready, you can ask the company to relocate the tree, until things are ready.

Finding a service

Finding the right tree transplanting service is critical for your landscaping needs. You would want the least possible damage to the surrounding trees and the tree being relocated. Make sure that the company is known, reliable, and has been in the business of tree moving, for at least a while. Secondly, ensure that the business is licensed, insured, and has necessary equipment. For tree transplanting, large hydraulic spades are used, and some companies even have their proprietary tools too. If you want to know a company better, just ask for references, or ask about the range of projects they have worked on. Many tree transplanting services also handle orders for grown large trees, which may be needed for some projects.

Get an estimate

Transplanting a few trees from one property to another within the same city may not cost a fortune, but for long-distance moving or to remove and relocate a bunch of large trees, you may have to shell more. Do your homework on local services, check if they work in other states in the US and internationally, and get an estimate for the job.

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