Guide To Great Beach Water Photography

Beach photography is a lot of fun. After all, something unspoken and magical about the ocean brings peace of mind to humans. However, taking successful beach water photos is not as simple as clicking the shutter. You have to look out for weather, light, and tide changes. Knowing the things to look for and being ready to take the shots is one of the most crucial aspects of beach water photography. This post will highlight what you need to know about taking beautiful beach photos.

When should you shoot beach photos?

Knowing the time to shoot and under what conditions will bring the difference between your beach pictures and the millions of random snapshots of family vacations. Some of the best ideas for taking beach photos include:

Beach Photos at the Blue Hour

The blue hour is right before sunset and after sunset. It is the hour when the world has a peculiar bluish cast. The light is pretty scarce at this time, and your beach photos will benefit greatly from the long exposure on a tripod. The long shutter speed allows your camera to pick up on the blue tones that the eye cannot see. The movement of the water is blurred and allows you to keep the rest of the scene in focus.

Beach Photographs at Sunrise

Sunrise light provides beautiful and warm tones. You can easily shoot at a slower shutter speed when the sun has not risen completely. You blur the beach water and create a dreamy atmosphere in your images. The sun rising on the horizon creates beautiful gradients in the sky, reflected in the water tones.

Beach Photography at the Golden Hour

The golden hour is the time before the sunsets and when the world is beautifully hazy and covered with layers of golden light. Beach water photography benefits greatly during this hour, and the general feel is romantic. You can shoot with shadow white balance to intensify the golden tones of your beach pictures. The shadow white balance cancels out the shadows’ cool tones and adds warmer, comforting ones.

Beach Photos at Sunset

The different colors of sunset give different photographic opportunities every evening. The shades of red, orange or purple create appealing reflections on the beach water. They allow you to get some of the best beach portraits.

Avoiding Crowds for Beach Water Photography

If you have been to the beach during summer, you know how crowded it can get. This makes it impossible to capture beautiful beach water shots. To avoid this issue, go during the off-season. The start and end of days can also present the best opportunity for beach water photography. There will be fewer tourists at the beach, and you’ll also find the sun shining at the angle that helps you get breathtaking effects of shadows and colors.

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