Getting Your Child Ready For International School In Bangkok


Moving to a new country will give you a lot of things to deal with, which includes finding schools for your children and getting them ready for it. Although there are a lot of similarities to schools all over the world, Thai schools can seem daunting before you get used to them. If your child will soon be attending one of the many international schools in Bangkok, here is some help to get them ready for their new adventure.

The School Calendar

Thailand international school term dates differ from the government-run schools and their school calendars are similar to their counterparts in the west. The school year will usually start in August with the first term finishing in December, and the second semester begins in January and ends in June. Although the exact dates will vary between schools, most international schools in Thailand will have a similar calendar.

The Uniforms

The school uniforms are also something which differs between the different international schools in Thailand, but all of them do enforce school uniforms. Depending on the school, your child may need three or four different sets of clothes for their school uniform, and quite often you have to get their name embroidered on the uniforms also. On the bright side, the cost of the school uniforms along with the embroidering is much cheaper than you would pay in the West.

The Class Sizes

The amount of children that attend international schools is significantly lower than those at state schools, which will mean you usually see much smaller class sizes. In government-run schools classes can be as big as fifty or sixty students, whereas in an International school they will not be larger than thirty, and often have a lot fewer than that. It will depend on the age of your child and the school in question, and you will want to check the class size at each school to see how they compare.

The Food

Although international schools will offer some western foods in their canteens, there will also be a lot of local cuisines available. Most children will eat the school meals on offer, rather than take a packed lunch with them, and you will want to look at the menus for prospective schools to make sure they have food that your child will eat.

The Curriculum

You will find that the international schools throughout Thailand all adopt curriculums from Western countries, with the most popular ones being from the UK, USA, and Australia. As such, you will need to choose a school that has a curriculum that you are happy with and when you can enrol your children.

The Fees

The fees that the different schools charge also vary quite considerably, so when you are looking at the various schools, you will want to keep this in mind. You will need to choose a school that you can afford and also offers your child the best education possible.

Taivan Acer
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