Five Ways To Style Your Favorite Track Pants

Track pants, with their appeal for being comfortably cool, never really went out of fashion. However, with the athleisure trend making a comeback, track pants are becoming more popular than ever. These are no longer the kind of pants you choose only for the gym or the morning run. From a casual brunch with friends to romantic dates, track pants are everywhere these days. So, are you planning to add a couple of track pants to your wardrobe, too? Given below are a few ideas that will help you style them.

1. Track pants with sweatshirts

The rising popularity of athleisure clothing means that a combination of track pants and sweatshirts can never be wrong. You can choose this look for a casual walk down the street or the weekend meet-up with your buddies. You can play around with the color combination to make the look as fun as you want. The only thing to remember is to pick the right shoes to complete the look, and sneakers or sandals for men are perfect for that.

2. Track pants with t-shirts

Men track pants are all about being comfortable and cool. So, they are a great choice to pair up with t-shirts to create a casual and smart look. If you want to go for a clean, tidy silhouette, your best bet is to go for cuffed hem pants and well-fitted t-shirts. To keep it basic yet stylish, choose color combinations like blue and black, grey and black, white and black, and so on. Go for dark solid colors for your weekend look.

3. Track pants with track jackets

If you are going for a serious sporty vibe, the perfect pair would be track pants and track jackets. You will get an athletic look. However, remember that it is not easy to pull off a complete sporty look – you will need oodles of confidence for this one. Complete this look with white sneakers as your chosen footwear. Want to glam up even more? Wear your fanny pack right around the waist.

4. Track pants with hoodies

During winter, hoodies and your track pants are all you need to stay warm and remain stylish. Try this look for running simple errands or on your casual day out. If there is a nip in the air, layer up the look with your favorite muffler. If you are going for regular track pants, your zipper hoodie would look good with it. The baggy track pants, with their comfortable and casual fit, look good with pullover hoodies.

5. Track pants with denim jackets

Are you aiming for a casual yet dressy look? Pick up a denim jacket to pair up with your track pants. But make sure to choose a jacket that goes with the color of the pants. If you aren’t sure what color of jacket to choose, simply go for a darker shade. Sneakers look good with this look, too.

So, which of these looks are you planning to try first? Give your own spin to these looks and jazz up those track pants.

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