Effective Natural Remedies That Get a Bad Rap

The world is abundant with natural ways to treat our ailments. In no way is this an endorsement to ignore what modern medicine offers us nowadays. There has been much progress in healthcare since the dawn of time, and we are truly at an age where (though it is not always financially accessible) we have so many efficient treatments available to us.

That said, there are so many natural remedies that can be a great help either hand-in-hand with over-the-counter stuff or just as a good alternative if you have some basic ailments you want to treat. People get kind of wary with the word “alternative,” though, so here are some really effective organic solutions that usually get a bad or mistrusted reputation around them despite their efficacy.

  • CBD oil for pain and epilepsy 

There are actually a lot of reported uses of CBD oil in a medical aspect, including alleviating depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure, among others. However, the most effective uses have been for pain management and decreasing epileptic symptoms. A lot of people try to shoot down the idea that this really works because of the whole connotation that surrounds “marijuana” and supposed drugs.

It’s important to note, though, that there are different types of cannabinoids, and CBD is not the same as THC, which is the one you usually hear about when people get stoned and such. Since it’s still a highly regulated substance despite its proven health benefits, it’s best to look around for sources that are certified to distribute it legally, like CBD oil for sale

  • Saltwater for sore throat and colds 

This one has earned a reputation of being that recommendation that doctors only give if they are lazy and don’t really want to prescribe you much or take the time to see your symptoms. It’s debatable whether that motivation has some credence to it, but the saltwater gargling method is actually legitimately effective. You put one teaspoon of salt into a glass of water, mix it around, and then gargle! The combination helps ease the irritation and discomfort in the throat.

After about 30 seconds of gargling, spit it out and, if you want, swallow some normal saltless water to cleanse your palate. It won’t undo the good that your gargling just did.

  • Aloe vera for burns 

The bad rap here is because aloe vera has become such a staple of the beauty community. As such, many people have started to think it’s just a beauty fad and that too many brands and influencers are blowing it up to be more than it is. However, despite its actual benefits for skin beauty, it really is an effective treatment for burns.

Medical professionals allegedly call aloe vera the burn plant because it is very effective in healing first- and second-degree burns. It’s one of those remedies that have existed for centuries specifically because the properties work really well to inhibit bacterial growth, help circulation, and lessen inflammation. The cooling feeling also helps the pain very slightly.

  • Hard-boiled eggs for bruises 

Most people think this is just an old wives’ tale that originated from somewhere in Asia. Truthfully, this one is circumstantial and not so much works because of the healing properties of an egg you boiled but more because of its warmth. If you got hit pretty hard and you’re starting to bruise, do not rub the area at all. Applying a warm compress has been proven to boost circulation and blood flow in the area, plus it can help you relieve some pain in the area.

Obviously, the best option here is to use a pad or even a wrapped bottle if you have that on hand. But, hey, if it’s an egg you’ve got and the bruise is still pretty small, go for it.

  • Apples as your natural toothbrush 

Apples have actually been called nature’s toothbrush, so don’t be so quick to label this as one of those “backward fixes.” Simply eating them can make your gums more healthy, and as you chew on them, they can improve your saliva flow and eradicate the bacteria that cause cavities. The apple’s fibrous nature also makes it a great way to get rid of any plaque on your teeth. Just make sure you don’t fully replace tooth brushing with apple-eating, as the fruit’s acidity and sugar levels can be harmful if you have too much.

So, next time you’ve got a little issue that applies to these, don’t judge a remedy for its simplicity or reputation. Sometimes, that’s all you need for a little relief.

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