Easy And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Blue Bottle Flies

While bluebottle flies are significant in helping plants and flowers breed, they are super annoying when a whole herd comes to your home. After all, who would welcome some nasty little flies in their home?

These blue-coloured little flies with big eyes are unwelcomed attackers that are dangerous to your health. Think of the places to go to, all sorts of dirty and decaying, and then they will hover over your food. They might sit on you or your kids, breeding diseases. If you mistakenly east their larvae, you might end up in the hospital for myiasis. If you suspect an infestation, don’t be hesitant to call out to your nearby pest control wholesale service providers.

What Brings Bluebottle Flies To Your Home?

Leftover meat and dead and decaying animals are food powerhouses for bluebottle flies. These little insects feed on decaying flesh, so any form of meat that you mistakenly left outside will attract groups of bluebottle flies, which are fast reproducers. Surprisingly, one fly lays about 600 eggs at a time, which hatch in about 48 hours.

Usually, an infestation begins in the attic or basement. These places can hide dead animals like birds or rats away from your eyes for weeks. Once they start decaying, it becomes their food. When you opt for pest control wholesale, they will do a bunch of necessary cleaning and repairing to ensure the flies can’t come back.

How To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies?

The first thing to do is identify the food source attracting flies. After you know what attracts them, it becomes significantly easier to locate and remove the seed.Scan your entire house for any leftover food, animal food, or things that attract pests. Dump your garbage correctly. Separate wet and dry waste and keep it in containers with lids. Keep the covers tightly closed and dump them as soon as possible.

Have someone take out the garbage every day. Ask your local municipalities to collect the trash frequently if they don’t. Check your windows and door for holes. Restrict the entry of blue bottle flies as soon as possible. If needed, the team uses insecticides to eliminate the issue of blue bottle flies. Fly strips and baits are other valuable tools that can be used if required. Moreover, aerosol fly spray is a good option but should be used cautiously. Always cover up meat and other such food items, especially.


If you suspect an infestation, it doesn’t matter how big or small, pay attention to it and do everything to clean it out. Even if the infestation is small, it is a potential danger for your and your family. If you see a lot of blue bottle flies, reach out to a pest control wholesale service provider.

Doing pest control on your own can do more harm than good. You should take care of your home, keep it clean and leave the pest control to the trained experts. They know how to keep you and your home safe!

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