6 Advantages of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a process of cleaning and strengthening metal. Most industries use shot blasting machines, including rail, construction, automotive, and aerospace. It’s mainly applied in concrete and steel industries in surface preparation. Concrete and steel have lots of benefits, including creating adhesion properties and removing contaminants and sealants. Below are some major benefits of shot blasting.


In the past, people used products containing harmful chemicals to clean metal which had adverse effects on the environment. However, shot blasting is environmentally-friendly because it involves the use of pellets to clean a surface. Though this process produces dust, the machine sucks all the dust leaving the surface clean.

Quick Method

Traditional methods of cleaning surfaces used to take ages. Thus, it wasted lots of time and money for various industries. Shot blasting on the other hand cleans and smoothens surfaces within a shorter period saving companies time and money. This way, more products are produced because there isn’t a delay in the cleaning step. Shot blasting quickens surface cleaning by 75% faster, thus, industries get to the next step quicker and increase production.

Removes Rust

Most metals become corroded with time because of exposure to oxygen and water. Corroded metals are weak and can break causing slow production or injuries at work. Hence, removing water retained in the metals helps to reduce rust and damage. Shot blasting is used to remove moisture, clean badly rusted metals so that they can continue to be used by various industries. This saves companies lots of money because they don’t have to replace corroded metals with new ones.

Longevity and Durability

Industries require that surface coating on a metal last longer. Metal that is non-shot blasted can’t hold its surface coat for longer. However, a blasted piece of metal holds the surface longer. Hence, shot blasting allows for durability and longevity which is an advantage to many industries.

Used for Surface Preparation in Various Industries

Shot blasting metal helps it to hold the coating applied as the user expects. Thus, the coating and the surface create a strong bond that can last longer which is an advantage for many industries. Some of the industries that use shot blasting to prepare surfaces include;

  • Retail
  • Parking garages
  • Commercial
  • Food processing
  • Health care sector

Identifies Surface Defects

Sometimes, surfaces develop defects that are hard to notice. However, after using shot blasting, any problem on the metal surface can show up and get cleaned before it becomes worse. Because the surface is used for various layers, pellets smoothen the surface so that every layer is always placed on a clean, smooth surface. By cleaning the defect on the surface, it is always ready and clean for use.

Shot blasting is an effective method of cleaning surfaces and it’s used in many applications. Thus, various industries can increase their production rate compared to using traditional cleaning methods. Barrel blast machines are used to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned in one process instead of cleaning one surface at a time. This method has been adopted by many companies because it’s effective and reliable.

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