4 Tips For Selecting A Cold Press Juicer

Juice lovers will agree that no sweetness matches that one of freshly squeezed juice. And nothing beats the convenience of making the juice right from their homes or business.

However, a lot comes into play when selecting a juicer, and while there are numerous choices in the market, Cold press juicers have proven their efficiency and ability to offer high yields. The challenge comes in choosing the best cold press juicer amid the numerous options in the market. Check out these aspects to consider.

Cost of the Juicer

The cost has to be the first consideration when selecting any product. The goal is to purchase a juicer that one can comfortably afford without compromising quality.

Most individuals are yet to get cold press juicers due to the fear of price. The market has made them believe that they must be super-rich to acquire a juicer, but that’s further from the truth. One only needs to conduct research and price comparison. And they will undoubtedly get super affordable choices that match the value of their money.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that in most cases, price represents quality. The urge to save should not push anyone to purchase a cheap juicer that will break down after a few times of use. It would be much better to pay more for an appliance that can pass the test of time.

Ease of Use

The usability of the juicer is the other critical aspect to consider. It will be best if buyers consider if they can use the juice seamlessly, depending on its features. Does it come with a clearly labeled manual? Are all the buttons easily-accessible?

For first-timers, it is best to stay away from complicated juicers that have reverse functions. They should start with the most straightforward and maybe advance to a more complex option after hacking the tricks.

Durability Matters

Juicers are a significant investment. It would be such a waste to purchase one that breaks down after a few times of use.

The best one should offer years of service without the need for repair or replacement. It should also come with a warranty to save the buyers’ money.

The best way to determine the durability of a cold press juicer is to check reviews and ratings on the seller’s website. This is where previous buyers leave their opinions about the functionality and value of the product.

If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, that is a good sign. And if there are more negative comments than the good ones, that should raise a red flag.

The Size of the Juicer

The ideal size of the juicer depends on how much juice one wishes to get per squeezing. It will also be determined by the price, considering that large juicers are likely to cost more than small ones.

The available storage space is also a consideration when selecting the ideal size. Vertical cold press juicers tend to take less space than their horizontal counterparts.

Most importantly, buyers should check the quality of juice offered by the juicers. Again, they can determine this by checking reviews from other users.

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