3 Factors For Selecting An Event Venue In Current Times


Organizing a business event in times of COVID-19 in Miami may not be the easiest thing. Keep in mind that local authorities and laws make it mandatory to restrict gatherings, and even if the meeting or event means a lot for your company, you have to streamline and minimize the risks related to the virus. The good news is many event venues in Miami have managed to keep up with existing norms, and they ensure that their clients renting the space have all the resources they need. In this post, we are sharing more on things that matter while comparing business event venues in a Miami.

  1. Safety first. In current times, this one is a no-brainer of sorts. You need to find a safety first venue, where there are no compromises. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the team at the venue may not adhere to the expected protocols. To avoid that kind of situation, ask the manager as what steps they are taking with regards to employees. As per standards, this should include regular temperature screenings, monthly COVID-19 tests, and sanitizing of high-touch areas all through the day.
  2. Ask about catering. Again, because of the pandemic, many venues are not keen on allowing caterers from other places to come and serve food at their event spaces, and for basic health safety reasons. However, you cannot imagine a corporate event without food and beverages. Check if the venue has an in-house catering service and the kind of menu they offer. The idea is to be sure that the food goes in sync with your event.
  3. The cost of renting a meeting venue in these times can be more expensive, because ensuring safety and maintaining precautionary steps does require extra investment on part of the venue owners. Nevertheless, get an estimate in advance, and make sure that there is enough space in the room for ensuring social distancing. If your event is a hybrid one with virtual attendees, as well, the venue should have arrangements for that. Check if the estimate offered covers the costs related to such arrangements.

Final word

As a business owner, ensuring safety of your guests should be your prime goal in times of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on arrangements or the venue. Find a venue that will only add more value to your event and kind of work as an assurance for attendees.

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