2021 Nissan Armada: Pros and Cons


Nissan Armada comes under the category of full-size SUVs. They are manufactured and promoted by the automobile company Nissan. This car is sold only in the North American market and nowhere else. Between the years 2003 and 2015, Nissan assembled this car in Canton, Mississippi, which was based on the Nissan Titan. After 2015, the company started assembling this car at Yukuhashi, Kyushu, Japan. The car gets America specific modifications before it is brought into the market of North America. There is a luxury version of this car, which is known by the name Infiniti QX80.

This car has gained a lot of popularity in North America since it was launched in 2003. The company has upgraded the car with the passing years in order to compete in the market. All the new technologies that are going on trend get used in this car. The 2021 upgraded version of this car is already released, so let’s discuss the pros and cons of this new version:


  • This time Nissan Armada is upgraded into a second-generation car with all new features that are beneficial for the owners. With more plastic cladding and a boxer silhouette, the car looks more robust and muscular to the naked eyes. This car contains the new badge of Nissan.
  • The armada has a 12.3-inch touchscreen display in the center of the dashboard, which is used for multimedia and navigation. This eliminates the use of buttons in the car.
  • This car’s second row is offered with proper legroom and headroom, thus making it comfortable for back seaters. From the second, you can also control the entertainment system.
  • Nissan’s safety shield 360 makes the car safer for drivers. The car is equipped with safety car features like forward collision warning with an automatic braking feature, a warning system for lane departures, and blind-spot warnings. These features prevent accidents.


  • The multimedia system in the touchscreen display has a lot of features but is given only two-third area of the display, which makes all the fun washed away. The remaining area is used by clock and weather forecasts, which doesn’t seem necessary to cover so much area.
  • The engine that is used in the new armada generates the same horsepower as the old one. The new one can generate a little bit more if premium gas is used in the vehicle.
  • The fuel economy of the new armada is the same as the old version of the car. Then how the company can claim that the new version is an upgraded one and is better than the old one.
  • The third row of the car is comfortable for children only; an adult cannot sit there comfortably.


The new upgraded version of the Nissan armada has some pros and cons, which are listed above. So before planning to buy this car, consider the above points. Considering the points will help you to know whether you need the car for the long run or not.

Taivan Acer
the authorTaivan Acer